Saturday, 16 July 2011


Ok, with the credit crunch in mind this years holiday wasn't going to be a lavish affair. With this in mind I suggested a trip to Ireland. A seaside resort of Kilkee, County Clare.

Booked to fly with Aer Lingus, £150 for the pair of us. Good service..clean plane....and stewards were friendly....O'Leary you might be making loads of money but you don't know jack about customer service. Next decision was where to stay. We looked at booking a cottage but my sister said no stay with her. with her, her two kids. 2 other sisters turned up and one had her 3 month old son and 2 year old daughter in tow. What a mega mix.

2 minute walk to the beach, 10 mins to where the kids could go snorkling and hunting for starfish and crabs in rock pools. A few pubs.....restaurants and 2 milkshake shops.....heaven!

Her goodself has lost weight, gained a pair of Dubarry boat shoes and a liking for Lyons Gold Blend Tea.

Cliff of Moher weren't all that but it was a nice area, the sing along we had with the kids in the car was fab. Kilrush was a nice little town. Dolphin watching was entertaining. Suntan was also acquired.....and there was us expecting really horrible weather.

So, good break all round. Herself is now looking at houses in the area. Two stipulations are it must have central heating and decent internet access......oh and she's already requested an 8 mm boat and I think a jet ski was mentioned....