Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Body image

Ok,so I'm very tall for a woman 5ft 11 inches and well above the 'fat' on the BMI ratings. It is however all changing. I seem to be having more tall days (not complaining). My shape is also changing I've worked out I've lost about 7 inches of my waist. I know!!!

I used to look in the mirror and just look at my face! The rest ah! Well let's put it this way there are not many mirrors in the house. Now I want to look and see the changes. What I don't want to do is get fixated on losing weight. If I'm sensible it will happen.

I look back on what I will call my before photos. Crumbs I was skinny. That's not going to happen again....I love me cake too much!!

So the photo is off a belt I was given by one if my sisters gave me a few years ago. I couldn't buckle it up then. Now well let's just say there's only a couple of notches to go.(no photo cause of a technical hitch) Grrr