Sunday, 4 December 2011

Silly Season...

Yes yet again it has come around. The nashing of credit card digits and will we get paid in time to buy everything. Still beats the feeling of oooh shite the next credit card bill is going to be awful.
Still winter has started and its getting colder so its at least being easy on the heating.

We went to Ireland (South of the border) for a very long weekend and had a great time. Sod all on tv in the evenings so we had to entertain ourselves. A few pub visits were enjoyed. So, driving around looking at the country side, walking on a beach (in brillant sunshine with a little chill in the air) and then we took my niece and nephew swimming a couple of times.

I've already started thinking about next year and the changes to make to meet the 'next' recession head on. Though I do think we are in the middle of one and its getting worse.

Still, I think its about the right time in the evening to have a beer so of I go.......