Saturday, 7 April 2012


Ok have had a belly full of laughing this afternoon. Thanks to drawing with friends.

Laughter is definitely the best.......

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Moods and Aches

I'm fighting off a cold at the moment. I'm using cold and flu relief tablets and they seem to be working.

My mood is fairly light and easy going. Though I know if someone where to wind me up it wouldn't last. My memory is getting better as is my deductive reasoning. Though for some reason I seem to be thinking about things like a jigsaw. Everything must have corners and the outer edges will be straight. Normally I'm quite a random throw things in the air and see what happens sort of person. I'm warming to this logical approach.

I still feel really cold. This I find annoying as I used to wander round I T shirt and shorts even in the middle of winter. I still have aches and pains but these seem to be when I wake up in the morning and when I get tired. Whereas before I used to chew painkillers I've managed to go weeks without having any. I think what causes most of my aches is my guts not working properly. I'm working on this and it can takes weeks to get them back to normal after a rough patch of constipation.

I've been reading more about conversion of T4 to T3 and I think this is one of my issues. From what I have read I need to take selenium. Or eat Brazil nuts. Will start this after my next blood test,which is next week, and see if it makes a difference.

I still get the odd bout of shakieness and feeling sick but I think part of that is brought on by anxiety. So I'm going to have to learn to stop worrying about what hasn't happened yet.

Hope your all enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Test post

Good morning! Today is 'work' Friday and its even longer to 'work' Monday!!

Ok so I zonked last night before the end of The Apprentice. I woke up to the news and a story about puppies needing to be rehomed only told be told no by the other half...jez I hadn't even got that far in the thought process. We had good news lay night my sister, who's faithful dog died a few weeks ago, had the urge to go to a dog rescue. She visited left and basked her eyes out (the crying is a family trait). Then went back and adopted a beautiful puppy.

Ok so food wise what I do wrong yesterday. I didn't eat enough to start with. A packet of doritos for lunch isn't acceptable. I also and some dark chocolate last night. It was Green & Blacks so I thought it wouldn't hurt. Well will make sure I eat better today.

My mind us feeling sparkly and I got energy. I was up at 6 this am and I logged onto work and cracked on with a bit. I'm at meetings this morning so it was good to get some routine admin done. I'm also in a learning mood.

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Ok,these work for me! If anyone decides to try them make sure they are right for you! Milk Thistle, Chromium, Vitamin E, calcium, Vitamin D, magnesium, Zinc, Garlic, Primrose oil with starflower oil and vitamin c. When I'm feeling stressed I take more vitamin c to help my body cope.' I've been eating better for nearly 8 weeks now too. Though at weekends(friday night/saturday) and then take Sunday to let my body recover. I drink more water than before too.

 I've lost all my extra 'thyroid weight' I put on last year. Which if I'm honest was nearly 3 stone. I have also lost a further 11 lbs. With my weight reducing this should also help the issues I have with polycystic ovaries. About 3 weeks ago I had a stupid week and a half of stress. My body wasn't happy as I ended up with 6 cold sores on my bottom lip which became infected. Some good cream from the doctor and 2 weeks later it's nearly all healed. I also had what I call a girly hormonal weepy reaction to some rubbish stuff as week. But even that didn't last long.

My energy levels are fantastic -ignoring my little hiccup with the spuds the other night. I'm also waking up easier. I feel happy in myself and my brain is sharpening up. I'm getting back to my best. I've learned I need to laugh and pat myself onthe back when I do something right. I need to ignore wankers who do t understand or want to understand this condition. I read other peoples stories and I thank the powers that be that I have a good standard of life. My other half has learned to recognise when I'm having a bad day and when I need to rest. Mostly it's about pacing and taking in what's good in life aka sitting in the garden drinking tea whilst watching the dogs destroy the grass. More importantly wifey has learned to pull me up when I seem to be a bit of centre. I've learned to not prattle on about geeky things that some people just aren't interested and I should be more aware of my audience. I do feel sad that I have lost so much time because doctors couldn't be arsed to treat me and instead just read the numbers and said 'boderline - no action'.

 We're entitled to a free blood yes every 3months and it's important to get a copy of the results. I then match these off with my diary and how I'm feeling. I'm in control not my thyroid. I'll end with saying I've learned to take tablets in the morning washed down with water. Then there's a break of an hour until I eat. I take the vitamins in the evening so there's no chance of them affecting apsorption. Be positive....if you feel it it's real

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Yes, apart from the annoying, but curiously funny mobile phone message by Keith Lemon, I had a wierd experience after dinner last night.

Dinner was slow cooked stewing steak, with a carrot and onion, with a teaspoon of marmite in the stock for flavouring with boiled new potatoes. Yesterday I should explain was a fantastic day. Had gotten up early to start work and had really enjoyed myself tripping through the day. The extra milk thistle in the morning seems to be helping the shakes and vomitting feelings. Anyways to dinner....its one of my favourites. I love potatoes and when I decided, about 8 weeks ago, to minimise carbs potatoes, rice, pasta and bread all went out the window. The other half prefers oven chips and I'm not a big fan. So, I settle down to enjoy the meal. Well, by the end of Eastenders (which was quite dull by the way) my eyelids were getting heavy. I grabbed a snuggly blanket and stretched out on the sofa snoring away. I woke about 10.30pm and dragged myself up to bed. I felt foggy and drained. At some point before the alarm went off I woke up and I felt dizzy. 'Bugger' I say to myself. Still when the alarm goes off its hard to ignore the two dogs who want a wee and their breakfast. I will also mention the tom cat bouncing on me cause he wants feeding to. I think  used the word 'Bugger' a few times this morning. Especially when I realised I had to iron a shirt as well.

I drank a few glasses of water and did some slow breathing exercises and that seemed to help. I got a cup of black coffee and a couple of plain digestive biscuits. This helped even more.  When I got to my destination in London, after a fun trip on the top deck of a number 47 bus, I had an egg and beans. Feeling even better so I walked into the meeting feeling all bright and sparkly.

I can see a massive improvement in form from the begining of the year. My weight is going the right way. I'm sleeping rather than crashing. Mentally its been a bit harder. However, I seem to have turned the corner with that to. I'm not feeling brain fog and I'm getting a kick of the work I'm doing for the Olympics. I love a challenge especially when its something which has never been done before. Just for the record what I need to do to get stuff sorted for the Olympics is a peace of cake the real test is getting everything sorted afterwards. Everyone around me is only focused on the lead up and the main Olympics. I won't break the bad news to them just yet.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Stress and Changes

About 9 weeks ago I made a conscious effort to change diet. I am now on a low GI diet. (and yes I do fall of the wagon at weekends but not to excess) I also got help with researching what supplements I should be taking to keep the hypothyroidism in check.

The effects...I feel better in many ways. I have lost nearly 11lb in weight. Which makes it nearly a steady 2lb a week which I believe is the healthiest approach. My tiredness is now manageable and for the most part I have my sleep well managed. The biggest at the moment is internal shaking and the feeling of wanting to vomit. The aid for that is its seems Milk Thistle. I also need to balance my hormones a bit more so from tomorrow I well be introducing Flax Seed Oil and St John's Wort into the mix. My guts unfortunatley are not doing so well. I'm visiting the doctor again tomorrow to see if there's anything more I can do.

I've worked out that stress is a major contributor to my thyroid levels going topsy tervy. I believe the extra stress began in 2009 and got progressively worse. I do also think the increase in stress contributed to my normally sensible thoughts going all over the shop. This is now coming back to what I think are normal.

The other annoying thing is people don't get this condition/disease. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. However, with decent support and a medical know it all to ask stupid questions life is returning to normal. I have learned a lot about myself and how not to let people push my buttons. I have the urge to go and do some utterly different things. One is to pump the tyres on my bike. Being about 2 stone lighter than when I last rode it I'm hoping I will be able to give Chris Boardman a race. Ok, well maybe not....I don't keep my legs as hair free as he does.