Saturday, 5 November 2011

And its Saturday....

..woo hoo Hera woke me up way to early. She was also bouncy and wanting company. Jumping on the bed (Hera not me!)and waking the mrs up wasn't a great idea. So, if a fit of nervous panic I said c'mon we'll take the dogs over the field for a walk. Instead the mrs says nah lets take them to the woods for a proper walk.

Eventually, Mrs got up (I've never known someone take so long to get up) and off we went. Within a couple of minute Mrs has seen 3 deer. I missed them cause was mucking about with the dogs lead. The dogs tend to ignore the wildlife so any passing squirrels, rabbits or deer are left to take things at their own speed. We met a couple of horses and riders too. We're good dog walkers, we get the dogs to stand to one side and let whoever it is walk by. I make a point of saying hello and if we get a friendly response then the dogs are even more chilled.

The woods were a bit muddy and yes the dogs managed to find a few puddles. We met a bloke who just popped out from the trees. Bit wierd, I had sensed someone was there so got hold of Juno. As the chap was happy and friendly Juno made a cursory bark and let him get on with it.

We also met a couple of lads on bikes. I'm sure they weren't meant to be in the woods. Must admit I wouldn't have minded having a go on the scramblers. Ah joys of wishful thinking in old age.

On a more serious note. Today I heard someone commited suicide, from another of our work buildings, by jumping from a blacony. It happened during the day in front of people who were woring there. Scary stuff. bad enough seeing the people who get hits by cars etc crossing the lights in front of our building. I know things are rough for people at the moment but its horrible to thing someone felt that low and powerless.

Back to our saturday evening. Homemade KFC, chunky chips and a milkshake. Yum Yum

Friday, 4 November 2011

Whats been going on?!

Well...I decided to take the mrs to London for a couple of days. What would you like to do?! So she comes up with an open top bus tour (which was really good despite the droplets of rain).

We had entertainment on the train with a First Class passenger giving out about paying £95 for her ticket and not having the tea trolley visit. I mean who pays that much money to travel first class on Southern.

Then onto Covent Garden for a many people....jez! So ended up in a Candian pub. The £8 for 2 pints of larger was bit of an eye-opener. Anyways on to Porters in Hentrietta St. Great food and atmosphere. So good in fact I'm dragging my work colleagues for our xmas festive mash-up.

Next on the agenda was The Ghost Bus Tour of London. I can't say it was a tour more of an experience. Thoroughly enjoyable and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Friday was funny. Neither of us weren't fit for much. I felt ill and my sinuses were going bananas. Mrs was wrecked from all the walking. Instead of visiting The British Museum we ended up stomping down Regent Street. Hamley's and National Geographic shops. Ok but nothing amazing. Then we got to Piccadilly Circus and found a wicked American clothes shop. Can't for the life of me think of what it was called. But Mrs reckoned she could have blown £1k easily.

So anyways a nice break and then back to being us. Having seen people on the tube and the business of it all I'm glad I don't live there anymore. I like our quiet haven.