Saturday, 14 April 2012

Highs and Lows

Does anyone else experience high and lows in your body's performance?!

I've had a few really great days this week and now today I feel horrible. I know if I don't push myself to do anything I would just laze the day away. Maybe it's because I've strayed from what I call my Spartan diet. I have had some sweet things in the evenings.

My blood test results this month are TSH 2.31 mu/l (ref range 0.27 -4.2)
T4 17 pmol/l (ref range 10-24)
T3 4.4 pmol/l (ref range 2.8-7.11)

Not brilliant but could be a lot worse. I'm hoping all the vitamins I've been taking will help. My weight has steadied and considering I've had over a week of not eating properly I'm not unhappy. I'm carrying nearly 4 lb extra but as it's also my period week I'm not unhappy. Though my guts are telling they aren't happy!!

So, today I'm back on the wagon so to speak. Going to make sure I drink plenty of water this weekend to help flush my system.

Anyways back to spring cleaning the house. It's the kitchen's turn to get pulled apart today.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Womanly Health/Children/Dogs

I've been using period tracker light over the last few months. It's been interesting comparing how I feel each month. The pains and pmt anger moods are all disappearing. I would say I know I'm a bit irritable an negative a few days before so I've decided they are the days to go quiet.

Period tracker has also shown my average cycle is 26 days. So much for all the medical stuff I read which says periods are infrequent. My cycle is also regular and predictable! I also read about hair loss. I'm hairy beyond a joke. When I was born I was taken back to the hospital because they thought there was something wrong with me. I tend to molt though and I give the dogs competition on who can clog the Dyson first.

My thinking is the hypothyroid condition can't be looked at on it's own. Other systems in the body are jump into the mix and cause the cauldron to bubble a bit more.

On a doggie note Hera is getting more submissive. My godson was around last night and Hera and Juno managed to tire him out. Hera is perfect for playing with young kids. Despite her size she is gentle and very aware of space. Juno doesn't quite get play in the same way and once the session of feeding treats and playing catch are over he takes a back seat.

I do wonder what the next knee jerk legislation for dogs is going to be. I think the move in Northern Ireland to have all dogs microchipped is a good idea. I think having a dog is good for children and young people. I also think there's no such thing as a bad dog only a bad owner. I also believe dogs pick up on character behaviour from their owners.

Cats on the other hand are their own masters until it comes to feeding time!!

Hope you all have a good day

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Dear Creator......wouldn't you just love to be able to send that sort of letter and know you'd get a response! (Note Creator can be anything you believe)

I would like to know if we are still in the R&D (research and development) phase of the project or is this it. If we decided to change our views on how life should develop on a global scale and went back to a local version. Would that change attitudes to healthcare for the better?! I read an article the other day which suggested GPs didn't have time for diagnosing patients and the task should be handed over to private companies.

On the one hand I wasn't surprised and my work head said yes a great way to progress. But my me head said hold on! I have experienced doctors offering advice when they didn't really know me or my health history and if I listened I would have made myself worse. Personal experience which makes me shudder at a more corporate attitude to health care.

There is a great need for decent administrators and managers to make the paperwork side of things work. What about Nurse Practitioners.....are their skills put to good enough use?! I have met a nurse who was hypothyroid too and she just took her doctors advice and was settling with the negative symptoms of this condition. Mind I have to say it was me getting annoyed with a doctor which made me get off my arse and learn more about what I can do to make my life better. Maybe we trust in GPs too much.

Personally, I think we need more GPs who take a holistic and person centred approach. Any body got any thoughts on the subject?!

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