Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Vitamins & Healthy Eating

Ok, so I've not been a paragon of virtue when it comes to food. However I know my limits when eating carbs. I've given up coffee and now drink black tea. I've even cut down on the fizzy water. I rarely drink coke or anything like it either.

From a female perspective I gave up taking mephonamic tablets to help my fibroids. The changes in diet and milk thistle have helped a lot. This month I had what I would call normal pain and discomfort.

My body is feeling happier. I'm sleeping better and not crashing as often. My humour is also better. I've noticed a big difference in how I cope with people being twats. I'm laughing more and my attention is focused. My short term memory is also improving.(So, wifey it's me choosing not to argue the point knowing full well I'm in the right ;-) )

What else?! I don't know how to describe I just feel better in myself. Ok, I still have some anxiety wobbles and pains in the legs but they are not as bad as they were. I reckon another 2 months and I'll be back to my usual self. Well fingers crossed I will.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bank holiday weekend

So, it rained and rained and then for a change it rained again! Despite this we had a cracking weekend.

Friday evening I decided to be a bit wild and had not one but two cans of Stella Cidre. I was snoring away by 9.30pm. Such a wild thing I am!! Am mortified it takes so little to get me tiddly these days.

Saturday we went to a garden centre and had good rummage around. We got loads of ideas for the next corner of the garden we are planning to transform. These modern phones are great for taking photos as you go. Cue the evening watching Bad Teacher. Very funny movie if you get a chance to see it take it.

Sunday was equally miserable weather wise but we decided to go to a local Celtic festival. We should have known better.there were about 3 tents and it was all geared up for kids. If you had kids it would have been a fantastic day out. As the ticket included looking around the grounds and the big house we did just that. Managing a cup of tea and scone with cream and jam as we went. We also visited the working watermill. Fascinating stuff and they sold the flour they ground there. Can't remember what we did in the evening but it involved lounging around

Monday was brave the garden day. I moved a few paving slabs and managed to relay them properly. We're doing our best to reuse materials already in the garden to keep costs down. Also from a recycling...environmentally friendly point of view it's nice to say we make an effort. Hanging baskets were created by wifey and I must say I think they are better than last years. We went to a local garden centre as well.
More pricing up of plants and hunting for inspiration. I'm useless with plants. I just point and say I like that not worrying about whether they'd be suitable or not.

The evening was spent doing sod all again. But then what better way to enjoy a Bank Holiday?!

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