Sunday, 11 March 2012

Getting there

Ok, the last few weeks I've had a contant feeling of wanting to vomit. Horrible feeling is all I can say. Well Friday, I went for a walk with the mrs and the dogs. The fresh air, the laughter and probably the mud all contributed to getting rid of the feeling. I think the feeling is due to unwanted stress. I like a bit of stress but when its a positive challenge rather than just bad feelings.

I keeping up with the healthier eating and have lost another 1lb. That takes me to a loss of about a stone since christmas. So, its slow but steady progress. The only thing I don't like about is losing the weight is getting the odd stretch mark. For this I'm going to try using bio oil to combat. I'm also looking forward to the mornings getting brighter so I can get the bike out again. I think that will speed the weight loss and improve my fitness.

I've a blood test book for Wednesday and I'll be asking to get my T3 and T4's checked. What I had forgotten, and them in the doctors surgery never remind me, is don't take the thyroxine on the morning of the blood test. Which means my last blood test results were a bit out. Be interesting to see what the numbers.

I stil have symptoms. I feel tired, I don't feel emotions the way I would like to. I'm so laid back I don't even get angry if I feel its right to (very wierd). I have mild pins and needles in my hands which isn't too intrusive and I haven't had this for as long before.

I've been keeping up with taking the vitamins and the milk thistle. I've been a slave to eating properly during the week. I must admit I slip a bit at the weekends. I now know that if I eat something that isn't right I feel pain....bad pain! Usually in my right hip and down into my right leg. I think it happens that way because about 8 years ago that was the side which was badly damaged when I had a prolapsed disc.

I've been reading all sorts on the net and some of it is rubbish and some of it, usually reading others stories make me feel lucky I'm not as bad as it could be. I thinky though my body is still recovering from the 6 months it was out of whack last year. The doctors kept saying I was boderline. I've since learnt borderline needs to be argued.

I also know I'm not right at the moment because my sinuses are killing me and in turn all noise sounds sharp and hurts my ears.