Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

It's been awhile. I'm not sure why but I think I had my head turned by a saucy minx called 'Twitter'. Admittedly, I linked my twitter updates to your good self however I don't think it's done the same job.

As usual I feel the need to write when my head isn't where I think it should be. Don't worry I'be checked it is still attached to my body via my neck!

So what has been happening. I now realise where I should and want to be living. Health wise I would thrive but at the moment it's not financially possible. I find out this week if I have a permanent job with a department I've been happy working in for the last 18 months or so. I think I will be heartbroken to leave but as they say its good to love and leave.

My GP (doctor), in my opinion, is being a knob. Yes, a technical term but as a good lesbian I feel it's the most appropriate word to use to describe how I feel. He used to be great but now he's a standard go by the book and numbers sort of bloke. He whined about the cost of tests. Given I work and pay my national insurance and taxes I think it's a fair expectation for the NHS to help keep me doing such.

His diagnosis is I have depression and anxiety issues. Ok, the anxiety is a bit high at the moment but that's to be expected given the job situation. Being hypothyroid and having taken ownership of my condition means I know when I'm not right. What was his answer I need to work out until it hurts and he reckons I won't like it. Exercise doesn't scare me. Some pain is good and I'm fairly active as it is. So, I'll up my game a bit.

I've also taken a chance and sent hair samples to be checked by 'the health detectives'. They've been recommended and I'm thinking every little helps. I should get something back in a couple of weeks.

Is that enough nuzzling to rekindle our relationship diary...I don't know but I will make a bit if effort and we will see where it goes.

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