Sunday, 11 December 2011


I would say winter is definitely here. The heating is on and we had minus 1 yesterday. Still have not got it as bad as other parts of the British Isles so am grateful for small mercies.

Winter time always means stodgy food and I do like to make the effort! So, out comes the breadmaker, the slow cooker and the oligatory searching on the internet for cheap and easy to follow recipies. I've bought new non stick frying pan and large saucepan. Worthwhile investments and next on the list is a non stick griddle pan.

The breadmaker is a new one. The old one decided to go up in flames! Not as dramatic as it sounds but wasn't happy as I had mastered the art of a good loaf.

My favourite soup recipe is cheap and easy to make. A few carrots and parsnips. An onion, leek and half a head of celery (hate the stuff but it is good in a soup). Throw all in a saucepan with a bit of melted butter and saute for a few minutes. Then I add 2 pints (or more if you like) of vegetable stock (or chicken/beef) and let it all cook. Not forgettingt throw in a bit of barley or soup mix. Once cooked blend it (I have to for the wife as she doesn't like bits). It comes out really thick and can be thinned ouy but adding more stock. This will feed 3 hungry adults 2 lunches.