Sunday, 13 November 2011

Every little helps.....

.....ok have seen we have a nice value in coupons towards xmas from Tesco. I don't normal do the 'get a quote and get points worth £xx'. Well this time I did cause I thought maybe the value of the points would be worth putting against the quote and it might be a decent price. OK well that isn't how it worked. Tesco were moer than £80 more expensive than our current insurer.

Oh dear! Ah well at least I've got my £12 to look forward too when the next voucher payout occurs.

This is wierd....

Ok apart from the weather which is unseasonally warm. I'm not complaining as I enjoy having the doors and windows open without the Mrs whinging its cold.

The wierd bit is the house, or rather our home, is becoming more and more organised. I'm doing jobs which should have been done months ago. Also, looking at what needs to be done next. Very strange as I'm usually a very very lazy git who does the bare minimum. After updating this I'm going to move the rowing machine....then the Mrs will have no excuses about not using it.

Juno was a bit of colour a few days ago. He's into fussy mode with his eating. So yesterday I boiled a chicken and cooked some rice. He loved it! Thing is I'm not doing the same every day. And yes he would starve himself if he could to demand the food he really really wants.

I suppose the next bit of planning for xmas kicks in soon. I've already bought the box of celebrations and after eights. I had a look at turkey crowns in the local wholesalers and they weren't worth touching. I think it will be get the turkey from the local farm shop again this year.
So that just leaves some booze, christmas pudding, cream and blah de blah de blah to pick up. This morning the Mrs was singing Christmas tunes.....I can feel the 'When can we get the christmas tree' whine starting soon......