Saturday, 17 September 2011

Clare's Law

If you haven't read about this yet then do. It's an interesting campaign and is supported by Police.
Essentially its about 'Domestic Violence'. Clare was killed by a violent partner, who had a past and was well known to police. The argument is prospective partners should be able to go and check up a person's past with a view to protecting their future safety. A tricky one especially as Domestic Violence is not just about abusive men. Women can be just as bad.

However, it doesn't cover Passive Aggressive or other forms of abuse. Not that it ever could.

For anyone who's interested in the topic I would suggest reading Roddy Doyle's The Woman who walked into doors. Or maybe a viewing of The Kid. Hard watching but again, for me, very real and honest about the subject its portraying.

It is not someone's right to make another do as they wish......its supposed to be about accepting difference and cracking on with it. Supporting each other to be the best they can be.

Friday, 16 September 2011

So here it is.....

Merry Christmas......only kidding! Well think about it only a few pay packets to go and its well worth starting to stock up for winter now.

Frugal living is one of the htings I've been looking into lately. I've seen the extremes some people go to and I've run a few ideas by the mrs. Whilst we've gotten a bit more sensible with the shopping we haven't cut out everything. Like the few cans of Stella Cidre (yum yum on a friday night) or the chocolate bars the mrs likes. I'll be dragging out the slow cooker soon and making the most of walking in from work to find dinner made.

As its nearly time to put the heating on...we're busy deep cleaning the rooms, putting the flea stuff down (the good spray from the vets), steaming matresses and taking the opportnity to donate ot charity.

The cooking apple crop has been absolutely fantastic this year. Cue apple crumbles and apple tarts. I've stewed some apples and frozen it. I've also had a go at putting some into jars. If the jam jar option works then next year I'll do that rather than freeze. I've also bagged up apples and kept them in the garage.Hopefully, again I've done it right so later in the winter I'll break into them.

So, onto preparation for winter.....first buy is a 4kg bag of rice. The local farm shop sells 5kgh bags of spuds so that will be next. As for the cat/dog food getting it at bargain price can be a challenge.

Onwards and upwards as they say.......