Friday, 1 June 2012

Taking a chance

Ok, so things in one part of my life and to change. The stress it was causing was intolerable. Why?! It was all personal and I don't cope very well with personal attacks. What made it worse was I couldn't answer/fight back. I had to sit and take it.

It got to a point where I had to make a choice. Stay and take it and risk my health or do something's about it. Difficult decision but I made it. It's nearly 2 weeks later and I feel so much better for it. Ok, I am now standing staring into an abyss. But it's good I have expressed myself and hopefully I will come out of the experience even stronger.

I think listening to the rumours of what's occurred is hard. Its disappointing knowing who is spreading them. However, I can walk with my head held high knowing I did the right thing. I have stood by my morales. I also know now I can express myself clearly without getting all girlie(bawling my eyes out). My thoughts are clear and as for thyroid rage...ha i laugh in it's face!!

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Ok I think we get to an age and we start obsessing about certain parts of out bodies.

At the moment my obsession is with my guts. I've learned that's where my immune system lives. It's also where T3 gets converted. If my guts are as I call it mangled then my back also suffers.

So for me part if living well is looking after my guts. Like most who are hypothyroid....constipation is another battle. So it all ties up into bit of a mess.

My sister gave me the idea of drinking prune juice instead of eating prunes (they are just too gross). A week and a half into the drinking of said juice and all seems to be well.

Hope this helps someone!

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