Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Finding the horse

Ok, so the last few months have been an awkward journey. I've learned my body needs vitamins and supplements to function more than it needs food. I've also learned the body has more control over the mind than I would like.

I've been taking most of the vitamins now for nearly 12 weeks and I have noticed improvements. I added Evening Primrose oil, Flaxseed Oil and Omega 3,6 and 9 about 2 weeks ago. It will take another 4-6 weeks for them to kick in. I'm thinking about adding liquorice root to the mix as I've read it has a good levelling effect on hormones and helps the guts!

Food wise I think my stomach has shrunk as I feel fuller now with less. Or it could be because my body is working better my natural 'that's enough' indicators are working. It's horrible eating and never feeling satisfied. Mind other new habit is if I feel like snacking I have a drink of water or a cup of coffee.

Now your probably thinking 'what the heck has all this got to do with a horse?!' well you might be familiar with the phrase getting back on the horse. I'm not going to blithely say I'm back in top form and everything is ok. This is a long journey and tomorrow could be a one step back type of day.

I'm learning to take each day as it happens. If I instinctively feel upset by something I walk away and tell myself to chill. Again it's my body reacting not my mind. I read somewhere that you should start the day with a positive aspiration. Instead if saying 'I'm not going to eat chocolate today' say 'I'm going to eat a bit more fruit/veg'.

My aspirational for each day at the moment is to have a good laugh. Last night the other half suggested taking the dogs for a walk in the woods. I wasn't feeling up for it but still said yes. We had a giggle! My describing the walk as if it was a 70's porn movie probably was funnier to me than the other half. Did I care no...I was laughing and enjoying myself.

I slept better last night and I've woken up refreshed. I'm looking forward to today!

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