Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Grab yer hat......grab yer runners....lets go....sometimes I think what rubbish I have on my iPod. Doesn't stop me smiling and humming along though. If your interested the song is by an Irish band called B*witched.

There are many arguments over nature vs nurture. I used to lean towards the nurture side of the argument. Until,that is, my last trip to Ireland. As a family we all share certain mannerisms. The mannerisms are also showing through in the next generation! Bearing in mind I've lived in England for over 20 years and as a family we haven't lived in each others pockets. It goes further than that though we can see the differences in whether its paternal or maternal family genes which are stronger.

I was also told on the visit to quit pretending to be a tourist....yer Irish get on with it! Which is true the accent is as strong as ever.

Now with the hypothyroid systems I found my voice became husky and I could be 'roaring' but my voice never seemed to carry. Now I find with quite a few months of 'decent' Tsh levels my voice has softened. And yes people can hear me.

I haven't really changed much more in my diet. Except I've cut out tea/coffee during the day. I'm keeping the sugar and carbs to a minimum. I suppose the only real change in the last month is I've started using Rapeseed oil for cooking. I think it's easier in the guts and the other half seems to be losing a bit if weight as well.

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