Sunday, 4 March 2012

Big Night Out!

Nearly forgot about this. We went to a works do last Wednesday night. The guest speaker was Clare Summerskill. Very entertaining and more importantly so very appropriate for the theme of the evening.

The jubilee line managed to have an incident so we were forced to find the Docklands light railway to get back into town. The funny bit is the Mrs had already said she didnt want to be doing much walking (the price for wearing newish boots). Anyways we got to Baker Street eventually. Even better we stumbled into a restaurant with friendly staff. Great start! OMG the food....I've never had such a good steak.

We then went to see a friend who works for LUL and the mrs got to see the supervisors back room control centre. (I will turn her into a transport geek eventually). So, a pleasant cup of coffee and chat were had.

Then back to the Travel Lodge. It was basic but clean and very comfortable. The breakfast in the morning was very good too.

Night out last week

ok, we've decided this year to make sure we do something in a month that we wouldn't normally do. January is was go to a new pub and try the food.

Last month, cripes as it