Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Ok, so I shouldn't be sitting here giggling away but.....the tom cat has just walked in front of the tv. No dramas except the other half is playing an xbox game. 'Get out of the way'....'Garfield I swear you do it on purpose'.... he's a cat like so yeah its on purpose.....better still he lands on the cat bed (which hangs on the radiator) and then proceeds to get onto the window ledge opening the curtain letting the evening sun blind the other half. This is too much am going to have to walk away.....laughing this subtly is bad for me I'm sure!

So, today I've had a good day. Ok my sinuses are still not right. I slept well last night. We've had a giggle today as well. Nice and relaxing all round. I've been taking my temperature and today its nearly normal. I wonder if its connected. (Will be keeping a watch on that).

We went on a Ghost Hunt at the weekend and it was brillant. Will post about it when I've a good spooky picture to go with it.