Monday, 6 February 2012

New Year and January....

......already done!

So here we are in February. Snow on the ground and a wind chill factor which has us all reaching for our thermals. I've been meaning to up date the blog a bit more often but I've kinda started using Twitter...but the intention now is to at least reflect on the previous month.

So where do I start?! Oh yes, this year is meant to be an austerity year. Being even more sensible than we normally are. On the shopping front we have been. Even managed to get the guttering cleaning for a bargain £30 (though I did give him an extra £10 cause it was a freezing cold day).

We also had Hera spayed. I'd been quoted £180 plus maybe £20 for odds and sods. This turned into £240 plus an overnight stay with the emergency vet for £208. In total £428. Upshot is we are now changing vets. Yes, Hera is fully insured but it doesn't cover any after costs for spaying.

We've started planning how we want the garden to look with minimal grass. Well lets face it..its the lawn is getting mullered by the dogs so we need to do a makeover anyways.

I'm now trying to plan for February given we're £200 or so down cause of last months over expenditure. The joys not!!