Thursday, 10 November 2011


Ok...I think its safe to start talking about it now! I've made a list and started picking up bits and pieces. We have a budget of £50 each to spend on delightful little pressies. Looking around though all you get is stuff which collects dust. I may have to rethink and up the budget.

Apparently todays job is bleeding the radiators....note I its one i hate!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Todays protest in London

I had a bird's eye view of the helicopters, 4 in all, following the marchers. What I really noticed though was the quietness of Waterloo station. The politeness on the train to Clapham Junction and best of all I got a seat on the train from there relatively easy. Although the first seat I sat on....the chap on the inside, skinny git that he was, obviously thought he had huge man kahunahs and insisted on spreading his legs.

Home anyways and the Mrs tells me about Hera having a problem with her ear. She won't let me near it is the moan. Hmmmm now will she, Hera that is, let me near it. So, I get out the ear wipes and get on with the job. For good measure I do Juno's as well. Both perfectly behaved!! I still can't figure out how they reckon I'm Alpha in the house. Cause it usually the Mrs giving out to me the dogs are doign whatever and I have to then sort it out.

Anyways home and on the sofa..........

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pass......the password

Anyone else feeling a tad fatigued with passwords?! I am....even writing them down doesn't help.

Anybody feel like designing a security system? Which would possibly using a 'fob' to generate a secure number. The difference being you could link accounts or id or something to make 'one fob fit all'.

Its raining, heavily, and I could quite easily curl up cuddling a hot water bottle and sleep the day away. But no I have to go to work......just one little win on the lottery could make such a difference....the question is how much would it take to make a subtle life change?!

So many questions so little time...well about 12 mins on the battery life of my laptop....and Ijust realised I made the Mrs a cup of tea this morning and I got was you better change that alarm sound....blah blah blah....dulcit tones to start the day.

Have a good one!

Moods.....if you noticed them

So I didn't get a 'Good Morning' text from the Mrs this morning. Left it until mid morning before risking a text. A brusque response as recieved.....anyways long story short apparently we hadn't resolved the row from last night. I hadn't realised it was a proper row, must be my butch influence.
The crack up was I had only been winding her up in the first place. She is such a lesbian sometimes!!

Monday, 7 November 2011


Meself and the wife had a row last night. I can't tell for sure cause I was stiffling giggles at the faces she was pulling. I know I shouldn't wind her up but its too easy. Maybe it was offically called a 'row' then?!

Last night I commited myself to digging a trench in the garden. Mrs wants power in the shed and the cabling needs to go in the ground. It could go round the fence but thats a bit risky given what demon cats we have. The would claw through armoured cabling. Couple of power points and a light should keep her out of trouble.

I've made her up a money pot. I shouldn't admit to buying the odd lottery scratchcard but I do. I usually just get my money back (boring!) But last week the two I bought paid a few quid. £9 to be honest so have put it in a pot to go towards buying games or dvds. Well, the way I look at it is its extra money and lucky so we might as well do something different with it. I've also decided to put any £2 coins I get in there. (Is this the guilt of upgrading to an Iphone coming though......?

Sunday, 6 November 2011


So, I've had an itch to scratch! Nothing to bad just been wanting to upgrade my phone as my contract expired in March '11. Sod all choices for phones and I want to get away from Nokia's. I opt for an Iphone 3, double my bill in doing so, which had about the best/cheapest options.

Before we went to bed last night the Mrs was having a whinge about the wardrobe in the back bedroom. For a few years I'd a few boxes of comics stored on it. Whilst the room is being decorated the wardrobe has been moved about with said boxes still on it. The wardrobe has ended up looking a bit 'forward'. I think one of the wheels is broken so shouldn't take much to fix it. I said I'd get it done....when?! was the response. I think there was a little 'strop' dance to go with it too. Considering I've been knocking off jobs at a reasonable rate the last few weeks found this amusing. Personally, I think it was a little mood cause its Sunday evening and we'd had a rather good weekend. Though watching 'Walton's movies' saturday and sunday night is probably not the wisest thing to admit to.

Today I also start my week of not eating rubbish. I'm also going to cut down on the carbs. Which should mean I'll be a cranky git by wednesday......ah the joys!!

Ah well

....another weekend over! The Mrs decided to have a lay in this morning. I'm not at that point just yet. I think when the weather is truly bleak and freezing I'll decide to stay put and watch a good dvd.

Up I got and was a bit industrious. Got the paper. Then sprinkled and scrubed a bit of Vanish into the living room carpet and gave it a good hoovering. Sofas then rubbed down with a special leather protector. I was on a roll so got out the mop and washed the hallway floor. The kitchen floor needs a good scrubbing and I couldn't face doing it all. So I attempted half of it. I used neat Cilit Bang and by gum the dirt sure did go with a bang! Then onto a job I've been putting off (well in my own head anyways) I put up the blind in the kitchen. Very happy with the result although using the right tools is always a plus.

Dinner as every a nice easy going roast. Today I attempted to make yorkshires and whoooo hoooo they were fabulous. Anyone wanting a decent Sunday Roast do make bookings in advance!! lol

The dogs have had bit of a delicate time with the fireworks going off. But thankfully they are happy to cuddle up and take the reassurance offered.

Christmas is coming......a lot quicker than I want but there it is. So, I've got a box sorted in the garage to start collecting up the goodies. 2 boxes of celebrations and a box of After Eights in there already. I've bought some 'special' cider for the Mrs. Now to think about the food for a few days and the best way of getting it all in given Christmas Eve is on a saturday this year. I am definitely of the opinion I DON'T want to be wandering/fighting my way round a supermarket!