Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A few weeks on

Ok, here I am sitting on a train bored out of my skull. The train is just sitting outside East Croydon with no announcements being made. No sense in wasting the time so here's a catch up.

I haven't had anything back from the health detectives yet. I did however have a humble pie phone call from my doctor. My vitamin d levels are seriously low. Cue 6 weeks of 50,000 ius once a week. So far so good.
A lot of the symptoms have cleared.

My mind is feeling nicely chilled and far I say it wanting a little bit of a challenge. A very good sign. The anxiety has cleared and my good humour is at a dangerously high level. The Mrs has threatened to with draw the tablets!

On the work front. Still don't know if I have a permanent job yet. It will be sorted out in another 4 weeks time. It will either be a good Christmas or not.
Ah, I intend to have nearly two weeks off so it will be good regardless.

The gluten free eating continues.
I think this is probably the best decision made this year. I'm enjoying playing with food and testing different recipes and flavours.

The dogs are doing well and Jack the cat seems to be thriving on the dogs diet. Yes, he has his own food but he quite happily steals the dogs. Cue image of 8 month old kitten taking food from the dog bowl with the 40kg dog watching.

Life is good and I can see it getting even better

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

It's been awhile. I'm not sure why but I think I had my head turned by a saucy minx called 'Twitter'. Admittedly, I linked my twitter updates to your good self however I don't think it's done the same job.

As usual I feel the need to write when my head isn't where I think it should be. Don't worry I'be checked it is still attached to my body via my neck!

So what has been happening. I now realise where I should and want to be living. Health wise I would thrive but at the moment it's not financially possible. I find out this week if I have a permanent job with a department I've been happy working in for the last 18 months or so. I think I will be heartbroken to leave but as they say its good to love and leave.

My GP (doctor), in my opinion, is being a knob. Yes, a technical term but as a good lesbian I feel it's the most appropriate word to use to describe how I feel. He used to be great but now he's a standard go by the book and numbers sort of bloke. He whined about the cost of tests. Given I work and pay my national insurance and taxes I think it's a fair expectation for the NHS to help keep me doing such.

His diagnosis is I have depression and anxiety issues. Ok, the anxiety is a bit high at the moment but that's to be expected given the job situation. Being hypothyroid and having taken ownership of my condition means I know when I'm not right. What was his answer I need to work out until it hurts and he reckons I won't like it. Exercise doesn't scare me. Some pain is good and I'm fairly active as it is. So, I'll up my game a bit.

I've also taken a chance and sent hair samples to be checked by 'the health detectives'. They've been recommended and I'm thinking every little helps. I should get something back in a couple of weeks.

Is that enough nuzzling to rekindle our relationship diary...I don't know but I will make a bit if effort and we will see where it goes.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Grab yer hat......grab yer runners....lets go....sometimes I think what rubbish I have on my iPod. Doesn't stop me smiling and humming along though. If your interested the song is by an Irish band called B*witched.

There are many arguments over nature vs nurture. I used to lean towards the nurture side of the argument. Until,that is, my last trip to Ireland. As a family we all share certain mannerisms. The mannerisms are also showing through in the next generation! Bearing in mind I've lived in England for over 20 years and as a family we haven't lived in each others pockets. It goes further than that though we can see the differences in whether its paternal or maternal family genes which are stronger.

I was also told on the visit to quit pretending to be a tourist....yer Irish get on with it! Which is true the accent is as strong as ever.

Now with the hypothyroid systems I found my voice became husky and I could be 'roaring' but my voice never seemed to carry. Now I find with quite a few months of 'decent' Tsh levels my voice has softened. And yes people can hear me.

I haven't really changed much more in my diet. Except I've cut out tea/coffee during the day. I'm keeping the sugar and carbs to a minimum. I suppose the only real change in the last month is I've started using Rapeseed oil for cooking. I think it's easier in the guts and the other half seems to be losing a bit if weight as well.

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Reading & Music

Is it just me?!

I've gotten back into reading and music this year. Is it a horrible side effect of hypothyroidism which kills the want to enjoy either of these pursuits?!

Luckily the local charity shop has a decent selection of books. Though my favourite by far have been Val Mcdermaid 'wire in the blood' offerings.

Good news as well on how well my clothes are fitting. I bought jeans about 5 years ago and haven't until now been able to fit into them. Looks like the walking and the strength work are paying off. I haven't lost anything more off the scales but I do seem to be looking trimmer.

Hope your all enjoying the Olympics.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Not in Kansas

Ok, so I'm a week into my new working area. I am so happy it's unreal. The people are friendly and I'm settling into the work quickly.

I am so glad I did what I did. My Tsh level is now 1.3 and my humour is well it's happy. People have really noticed the difference.

It just goes to show how much a rubbish environment has on your personality and your health.

I could sit about and do nothing but that's not my style. I'm nearly finished and writing procedures for one part of it. I've also lined up more refining for next week.

In case your wondering I've haven't rolled in pretending to be the big I am. I've rolled up my sleeves and asked what can I do to help! As for the reward well hearing the words 'thank you' is amazing.

If you have people who work for you/with you say 'thank you' now and again. See how much it's means and how good you feel saying it

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