Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Not in Kansas

Ok, so I'm a week into my new working area. I am so happy it's unreal. The people are friendly and I'm settling into the work quickly.

I am so glad I did what I did. My Tsh level is now 1.3 and my humour is well it's happy. People have really noticed the difference.

It just goes to show how much a rubbish environment has on your personality and your health.

I could sit about and do nothing but that's not my style. I'm nearly finished and writing procedures for one part of it. I've also lined up more refining for next week.

In case your wondering I've haven't rolled in pretending to be the big I am. I've rolled up my sleeves and asked what can I do to help! As for the reward well hearing the words 'thank you' is amazing.

If you have people who work for you/with you say 'thank you' now and again. See how much it's means and how good you feel saying it

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