Saturday, 3 March 2012

High Energy

Don't I just wish I had loads of it. Well I've been up and down like a tarts knickers (though I'm sure a modern tart would go with crotchless ones to save time).

Last weekend I was brimming with energy thinking ya I'm going to up date the that.... but what happens. I eat a curry with rice on Saturday night and I bascially crash, fall into a deep sleep, afterwards. It takes a day or so to get over it. However, it proves a point.

About 5 weeks ago I made major changes to my eating habits. I cut out the carbs and even started drinking my coffee black. I started taking supplements as well such as milk thistle, chromium, etc etc. Why so I can try and lose weight and feel all round better in myself. My humour hadn't been the best for a long time either and a few weeks ago I cranked at the Mrs. Sulked off to bed and slept. I felt better for it. Can't say she was too impressed but at least it was out of my system.

Even though I'm 5ft 11 tall and wiegh a bit more than 7 stone people don't realise I'm bit of a pushover and I do take things to heart. The Mrs has often had to put up with me bawling me eyes out over things people have said or done as work. Mostly though I try to turn the other cheek and just get on with it.

Having an underactive thyroid does impact and the hormone bouncing that goes with it is annoying. I can't honestly say I go through full on periods of depression. I describe it as getting into bit of a funk. I also think its my body that goes through it rather than my mind. Difficult to explain but sure what about humans is ever simple. The change in eating habits is I think making a positive difference. I've lost 4lb in 5 weeks so am well chuffed with myself.

Next step now is to try and get rid of the pains I feel in my back and legs. Not sure what is causing them but there must be something I can do. On with the research!