Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A few weeks on

Ok, here I am sitting on a train bored out of my skull. The train is just sitting outside East Croydon with no announcements being made. No sense in wasting the time so here's a catch up.

I haven't had anything back from the health detectives yet. I did however have a humble pie phone call from my doctor. My vitamin d levels are seriously low. Cue 6 weeks of 50,000 ius once a week. So far so good.
A lot of the symptoms have cleared.

My mind is feeling nicely chilled and far I say it wanting a little bit of a challenge. A very good sign. The anxiety has cleared and my good humour is at a dangerously high level. The Mrs has threatened to with draw the tablets!

On the work front. Still don't know if I have a permanent job yet. It will be sorted out in another 4 weeks time. It will either be a good Christmas or not.
Ah, I intend to have nearly two weeks off so it will be good regardless.

The gluten free eating continues.
I think this is probably the best decision made this year. I'm enjoying playing with food and testing different recipes and flavours.

The dogs are doing well and Jack the cat seems to be thriving on the dogs diet. Yes, he has his own food but he quite happily steals the dogs. Cue image of 8 month old kitten taking food from the dog bowl with the 40kg dog watching.

Life is good and I can see it getting even better

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